We would like to introduce you to our pet inspirations.

This is Ffinlo, he was one of the cats I had growing up and he was such a babe he’s also made it onto my logo alongside Ryan my old greyhound Ffinlo is a Manx name, and he was in fact a Manx cat with no tail! There are stumpies and rumpies and he was a stumpy because he had a stump for a tail!  He was an outdoor cat and lived for 18 years and was the most affectionate boy you could meet  I miss both Ry and Ffinlo greatly! I’m just glad they are both going to be with me daily as I come out to visit your lovely pets as well 

This is Tilly cat 

Tilly is our cat who featured in our photo shoot for our website earlier this week! Tilly hates the car and being out of her home space so before we travelled to the shoot we gave her a calming capsule which worked very well as she wasn’t too scared as you can see  This is just one of the benefits of our mobile practice, having pets being seen in their own home or in our van on your doorstep. The stress for the pet and the owner (and us!) is greatly reduced. And for any particularly nervous or unfriendly pets we can also give similar calming capsules, to help them through the experience of seeing us.