Here are just a few of the services we can offer for dogs, cats and rabbits out of our mobile vet vans:

  • All Vaccinations and health checks
  •  Poorly pet visits
  •  blood, urine and other lab tests
  •  medicine prescriptions, written prescriptions 
  •  flea and worm treatments
  •  nurse appointments
  •  neutering 
  •  dentals with dental X-ray
  •  basic surgical procedures like lump removals etc
  •  sedation for grooming/shave down
  •  ultrasound diagnosis
  •  pregnancy scans
  •  therapeutic laser for painful conditions like arthritis and more 
  •  palliative treatment and end of life care

We work on an appointment based system and would struggle to get to you fast enough in a true emergency situation, but we can do what we can and of course, can always offer advice.