In our vans we are able to provide for basic surgeries for your pets.

These include neuterings, dentals, lump removals and more!

Some of the reasons why you might want to consider getting this done with us are:

  •  Significantly less stress for owner and pet (no time hanging out at the vets pre or post op (more time with owner and in their own home).
  •  Being with the owner in their own environment helps lead to less stressful and often better recoveries post op.
  •  Constant monitoring by the owner in the post op period reduces likelihood of wound problems (no licking!)
  •  We make sure you are fully comfortable with any post-op instructions before we leave.
  •  We do not ever leave your home until we are absolutely happy and you are absolutely happy with your pet, our utmost priority is your pet’s safety.
  •  Notes are provided to yourselves before the procedure takes place as to what to expect on the day and instructions for your pet pre and post-op.
  •  You will have access to the clinical team for any questions or concerns after we have left that day (and of course in the following weeks after the surgery)
  •  Convenience! We come to your door and perform the procedure on your doorstep.
  •  One-on-one attention and monitoring of your pet at all times by a registered Veterinary nurse and the Vet.
  •  All the equipment you have in a normal first opinion small animal practice we also have in our vans!

I want to reassure everyone that we wouldn’t perform anaesthetics in our vans if it wasn’t safe or possible to do so. We love doing surgeries from the van because we can see the massive benefits to the pet (and the owner!) for doing so, we find the reduced stress caused by not being out of the house for too long is what really makes the world of difference 

If this topic sparks off some areas of discussion I would be very happy to answer any questions or concerns or uncertainties! You can call us on 01287 349019 or drop us an email on