How Do We Work?

Vet Appointments Made Easy With BRMV

We will let you know the day before your appointment approximately when the vet or nurse will be arriving, exact appointment times are often not possible. You can check out our Q&A page to find out why. We do however endeavour to accommodate where we can, please let us know your preferences over the phone when booking the appointment.

We will give you a call for our exact ETA when you are our next appointment. When we arrive, you may be asked to share a little bit of history about your pet and what the appointment relates to. Depending on the animal, we’ll either treat them within your home or in our van. Much to everyone’s surprise most of the time pets are actually happier to be seen in our van and not in the home! But of course every pet is an individual and we will accommodate them as best we can.

We will treat your pet with any medicines if necessary directly from the van. Payment is taken after the consultation once everyone is happy with the plan of action.