Our Price List

Affordable Care For Your Pet

At Broughton Ryan, we believe good quality care should be affordable. That is why we keep all of our prices as low as we can.

Our costs vary depending on your location. As we are a mobile vet, we factor travel into our prices. This is why your initial consultation fee may be slightly higher. We operate between 2 zones; Zone A being closer to our base in Cleveland, and Zone B being slightly further away.

Zone A

Zone B

Vet Consult – initial£70£90
Microchip in a consult£15£15
Vaccine – adult Dog£80£100
Vaccine – adult Cat£80£100
Vaccines – Rabbit (myxi / VHD PLUS)£80£100
Adult dog or cat re-start vaccines£120£140
Additional vaccine in the same household£60£60
Kennel Cough (at the same time as another vaccine)£30£30
Kennel Cough (with home visit)£60£80
Kitten full vaccine course (under 1 year old)£110£130
Puppy full vaccine course (under 1 year old)£110£130
Second vaccine puppy or kitten only£75£95
Written Prescription£13£13


Cat castrate£120£140
Cat spay£160£180

Dog Castrate

10 – 25kg£240£260

Bitch spay*


* please note if you have more then 1 pet having surgery in one visit you will get £20-40 off (one home visit fee) and 10% off your entire bill.

Areas We Cover

Towns covered in Zone  A – Redcar, Marske by the Sea, Saltburn by the Sea, Skelton in Cleveland, Loftus, Eston, Guisborough, Normaby, Ormesby, Great Ayton, Castleton.

Towns covered in Zone B – Marton in Cleveland, Coulby Newham, Stainton, Stokesley, Great Broughton, Sleights, Grosmont and Whitby.