Here at Broughton Ryan Mobile Vets, we can provide a range of services from vaccinations, poorly pet visits, dental assistance, neutering and other routine surgery and end of life care. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Each service has its own individual cost that varies depending on which zone you live in.

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Vet Consult

During our veterinary consultations, we come to your home to provide what you would normally receive from a static veterinary practice. Our vet will conduct a full examination of your pet and address any subjects of concern, offering advice and solutions to any problems.

We can also provide medicines from our pharmacy and do basic diagnostic tests like blood samples, urine samples, blood pressure and ultrasound in the van to help us get to the bottom of your pet’s concerns.

Nurse Consult

Our nurse consultations include services such as nail trimming, anal gland expressions, dental checks and basic advice on behaviour and training – especially with new puppies and kittens.

Once a vet has checked your pet and prescribed medicines and treatments, the nurse can come to your home to provide regular injections for arthritis and skin conditions and use the therapeutic laser for arthritis and other painful conditions.

Vaccinations and Microchipping

We offer initial puppy/kitten starter vaccines. Regular annual vaccinations are also available for your dog, cat and rabbit, alongside a full veterinary health check and an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have had recently.

Neutering and Surgical Procedures

Like your static vet, we can perform basic surgical procedures in our van.

Our facilities in our vans are similar to any first opinion static veterinary practice so we can perform surgery safely and carefully in this environment. The care your pet receives during any procedure is paramount to us, and they will receive one on one attention throughout their whole procedure and recovery.

We find that performing surgery outside your front door minimises stress levels for both you and your pet, as they can relax before the procedure and recover post op at home. Often, their recovery is quicker and smoother as a result.

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Dentistry (including dental x-rays)

Our fully equipped mobile dental van can provide anything from a scale and polish to full extractions under general anaesthetic, all performed outside your front door.

We have dental x-ray facilities which enables us to visualise any resorptive lesions and teeth that need extracting more easily, allowing us to perform the best dental treatment we can for your pet.

Ultrasound (including pregnancy and cardiac imaging)

Ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure which scans various parts of the body; it is very useful in diagnosing diseases. This procedure is non-invasive; more often than not all that’s required is a simple clip of your pet’s fur! Sometimes a mild sedative allows for better visualisation of organs depending on what needs scanning.

Alongside the popular pregnancy scan, we also can offer ultrasound of many organs including the heart. If your pet has been diagnosed with a heart murmur, they may need a scan to get to the bottom of why the murmur is there.

Many other health problems can also be diagnosed via ultrasound such as liver problems, bladder problems and intestinal problems amongst many more. We love our ultrasound because it offers a stress free, non-invasive way of getting to the bottom of your pet’s issues, and this can all be done safely inside our mobile van.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy (class 4 laser) helps a wide range of conditions increasing the body’s ability to heal. The most common conditions we use this for are joint pain and arthritis, hip dysplasia, neck and back pain, wound healing and recovery from surgery.

The procedure is quick and pain free with no side effects. The number of sessions your pet will need depends on what we are treating but anywhere from a one off treatment to eight treatments is recommended. In the case of ongoing health conditions like arthritis they might require top up treatments after the initial course.

Hundreds of published clinical studies have shown laser treatments to be effective; we love this treatment modality as it allows us to do this in the comfort of your home easily with our mobile unit.

End of Life Care

When it comes to saying goodbye to your beloved family member, we are here to assist and support you through this very hard time. We understand just how upsetting this time can be; we are here to make it as comfortable, kind and stress-free as possible for all involved.

Everyone has individual needs, so we will do our best to accommodate whereever we can. Home-based end of life care helps to minimise stress and we have the time to devote to everyone’s needs individually.

We partner with a trusted cremation service called Roxy’s Rainbow. However, we are of course very happy to help you with your individual wishes.

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